Life Not Going Your Way? 5 Reasons You Should Be Thankful

Life not going as you want it? That’s the perfect time to be thankful. How many times have you wished for a relationship or job, only to have circumstances not

You Are The Artist of This World

Comedian Steve Martin tweeted that his friend Michael Crawford, a The New Yorker cartoonist, passed at age 70.The article in the New York Times Art and Design section was a

The Seeds of Greatness are Within You

Everyone of you has the seed of greatness within you. Everyone of you already has everything you need to go out and do the great things you were meant to

When 1 % is Not Good Enough

I wish news pundits and others would stop quoting statistics in which they are either ignorant about the real numbers or they don’t understand the significance of the numbers they

The power and peace that come with forgiveness

The world is in desperate need of learning the power and peace that come with forgiveness. It extinguishes the flames of hatred. It suffocates fear. It’s easy to point fingers