Event Planners

Having been a speaker for 20 years, I know that your job can be difficult and stressful at times and I want to help make it easier for you. This is your resource page for information to support my speaking appearance for your upcoming event.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at (918) 978-8633. You are working hard at planning and organizing this and I look forward to helping make your event a total success!

Todd’s Introduction

VERBAL INTRODUCTION: ”Todd Huston has an amazing story to share with you today that I am sure will inspire you for a lifetime. Todd has been featured in thousands of publications throughout the world, including Sports Illustrated, Forbes and theWall Street Journal as well as the popular book, Chicken Soup for the Soul, A Second Helping. He has appeared as a special guest onCBS Year in Sports to Robert Schuller’s Hour of Power. Todd has been interviewed on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, TNN, Inside Edition, andExtra plus numerous radio programs. Todd has received many awards and honors, including the Jaycees Town Outstanding Young American, American Red Cross Everyday Hero Award and the Henry Iba Citizen Athlete Award. Please welcome Todd Huston …”

VIDEO INTRODUCTION: The introducer can say a few words about how they believe that Todd’s presentation will relate to them and then play a 2 min 45 sec DVD that introduces Todd Huston.

Audio / Video Requirements

  • LCD Powerpoint Projector
  • Laptop computer connected to external speakers
  • Projector cable to laptop
  • Remote control clicker
  • Large screen
  • Lavaliere cordless Microphone OR Handheld / Podium Microphone

Note: Todd will load his PowerPoint Presentation and Introduction Video with a Flash Drive into a USB port in your computer. This usually takes less than 1 minute.