“Help me! Stop! Help me!” I screamed, swallowing and choking on lake water… Behind me, I could hear a gurgling noise as the engine grew increasingly louder. I felt a bump, then my legs being sucked under the water. I squeezed my eyes shut and fought to escape the death grip holding me. I could feel the boat propellers crawling up my legs as the surging waters tossed my body back and forth like a puppy chewing on a rag doll. The boat stopped.

“AHH!” I wailed, thrashing about in the ever widening circle of blood staining the deep green waters of the lake. “My legs! My legs! My legs!

"Each of us has our mountains to go over, under, or through. Todd’s book inspires us to make our mountains into molehills. He enables us to believe and achieve achieve new heights in our lives.” Mark Victor Hansen - Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

"Todd’s story gives everyone hope that they, too, can overcome their challenges. I’m proud to have him on the Attitude is Altitude team helping us inspire the world." Nick Vujicic - NYT Best-Selling Author of Life Without Limbs & Top 10 international speaker born without arms and legs

"I met Todd on Denali. His climbing inspired me, but his life is an inspiration for everyone. He is the perfect guide to lead you through the obstacles of life to the heights of your dreams and aspirations!"Vern Tejas - 7 Summits world-record holder, multiple first ascents, National Geographic

"Fantastic! More Than Mountains helps you realize that through faith in God you CAN overcome the challenges before you. Have faith! Trust God! With a power-filled and positive attitude you CAN reach your goals. This book provides insights to help you. Read it and grow!" Robert H. Schuller - Pastor, Crystal Cathedral, Garden Grove, CA