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“I gave everything I had to overcome any physical or mental challenge knowing that it too will pass and I will be stronger and wiser after going through it.” – An incredible journey of a World record holder amputee mountaineer


Todd has overcome many challenges in his life and faced them with courage. He was challenged at an early age of fourteen when his legs were hurt in a boating accident which eventually led to the amputation of one of his legs. Todd soldiered on, finished his education and was fully engaged in helping others as a psychotherapist and clinical director of the Amputee Resource Center in California when he decided to take on a daunting challenge to set an example for others. Todd climbed the highest peaks in all 50 states of the USA while crushing the able-bodied record by 35 days. He has been featured in countless publications such as Sports Illustrated, Forbes, Wall Street Journal and has appeared on national and international television networks. Todd has been honored for his contributions and achievements with The Power to Dream Achiever Award, the Ten Outstanding Young Americans award, the Henry Iba Award for Citizen Athlete of the Year and the Everyday Hero Award by the American Red Cross to name a few. Todd has captured his remarkable story in his book More Than Mountains: The Todd Huston Story. He is also a contributor to the Huffington Post as well as being an inspirational radio and television host.

Thank you, Todd, for your time. Your interview will motivate all of our community. The interview with Todd Huston was conducted by Inspiration Matters () in July 2019. More Info

: What difficulties did you face during your “Summit America” climbing expedition? How did you face them?
T: I have faced many challenges due to my boating accident when 14 years old. These include having both legs cut by a propeller, losing my life twice, having my leg amputated while awake and all the physical recovery. What is more challenging than the physical challenges is dealing with the mental challenges we face in life. I had to face them a day at a time with whatever resources I had at the time. It was not always easy but I found that the challenge never seems as hard after you have gone through it. So I would try not to get discouraged as I gave everything I had to overcome any physical or mental challenge knowing that it too will pass and I will be stronger and wiser after going through it.

: What topics do you address in your inspirational speeches?
T: Lots of topics are discussed, from overcoming challenges, reaching your goals in life, overcoming fear, finding your path in life, the power of the mind, helping others while helping yourself, forgiveness, and the power of unconditional love. See this video

: Who can benefit from reading your book “More Than Mountains: The Todd Huston Story”?
T: I can’t think of anyone who couldn’t benefit from reading the book if they want to be inspired to overcome any challenge they face or reach a goal in their life.

: What challenges did you face during your school days? How did you motivate yourself to face those challenges?
T: Lots of self-esteem issues. I couldn’t play sports after the accident. I was crippled and scarred which caused me to lose confidence in dating. I missed lots of school so my grades suffered. Over time I reversed all of these, became the first disabled person to break an able body world record in sports-mountain climbing, graduated top of my class in graduate school and married a beautiful and wonderful woman.

: What are your other hobbies?
T: I love reading, hiking, playing with our five children and just about anything that life has to offer that is natural and loving.

: What is your favorite place to visit? What do you love about that place?
T: Alaska! It’s an amazing place. It’s Colorado on steroids. Stunning beauty, vast spaces, wonderful wildlife and larger than life experiences. It is a small town in a big state with some amazingly friendly and resourceful people. Love it!

: What is your suggestion for families of children with disabilities to empower their children?
T: Ask yourself how this can be a blessing for your child, for yourself and for others. There is always good in everything but it is your responsibility to do your part to find it and make something good happen from it. Everyone has greatness within them and the greatest power in all of us is unconditional unlimited love. Give it to your child, let them express it to you and others and the world will be a much better place for all of us.

: What tips/advice do you have for those in our community who want to overcome challenges?
T: Be kind to everyone. We all have something to offer to one another. We are all connected and we need one another. If you see someone that needs help, reach out with the love in your heart and help them. You have enough power and strength already within you to change the world.

: Any special message for our community?
T: Yes, Life is a lesson of love. Every person you meet and know, every situation you experience whether great or small is an opportunity to learn and choose love. Practice throughout the day to have every thought you have be your most loving thought, every word you say be your most loving words and every act you do be your most loving action. Do this every moment, and you can do anything for one moment, throughout the day and your life and you will help others reach great heights and reach the great heights that you were always destined to reach. See you at the top! Click here for Orginal interview

ABC Tulsa Interview

by Tyler Butler, the KTUL staff


Todd Huston, a motivational speaker, and author, was prescribed one round of painkillers after an accident and another when things got worse; Monday, August 26, 2019 (KTUL)


Todd Huston was many things as a young man: a football player, an eagle scout, and a patient.

“I was behind a boat when I was 14, on Lake Tenkiller here in northeastern Oklahoma, when the boat slipped into reverse, and I got caught in the propellers,” Huston said.

He was rushed to the hospital.

“I actually flatlined on them twice that day,” he said.

He was prescribed one round of painkillers after the accident and another when things got worse.

“I had to have my lower leg amputated because of complications, and I had to go through another round of painkillers to deal with that situation,” Huston said.

That is when Todd started down another path.

“It’s very innocent, how you can get addicted to these things,” he said. “It’s not like you go out and say, ‘I’m gonna get addicted to these things.’ What happens is you get prescribed the medication, you need it. You can be in a lot of pain. You start taking the medication, and it helps.”

But occasional doses quickly turn into taking the medications all the time. Huston was self-aware enough to one day quit the pills cold turkey. He hasn’t had an opioid in years, even when he’s had access to them.

“Last week, I had some dental work done, the doctor prescribed oxycontin to me,” Huston said.

Huston says today’s verdict is promising if the money makes it to the right places to get people to help, but willpower is the most valuable tool.

“We will never, no matter how much money we get, we will never kick the drug addiction problem in Oklahoma until the people in Oklahoma decide they don’t want to be drug addicts.” Click here for Orginal Story


One Leg, Fifty Mountains, And The Power of Love

How do we respond when tragedy strikes? Many respond with despair, grief, and uncertainty, but Todd Huston challenges us to respond with the power of love. Todd illustrates how this power guided him from the depths of extreme challenges to his world-record mountain climb throughout the US, and now a global vision to spread unconditional love throughout the world.

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Calgary Breakfast Television Interview



August 3, 2016 08:11

Amputee and world-record-holding mountain climber, Todd Huston, talks about the true potential of those living with a disability.

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