You are Love

You are Love

You are created as a powerful being of love.

You are made in the image of God

giving you all the qualities and power

of God’s love, including abundant

peace, joy, and wholeness.

God is Love

God is the Spirit of Love.

God is the author of love

and gives love its

meaning and purpose.

God’s love is pure and unconditional,

and never changes.

All real love comes from God.

Watermelon Squares Quick and Easy with NO MESS!

I want to share with you my way for cutting watermelon squares quick and easy with NO MESS!

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COVID-19 pandemic has affected most everyone on the planet

We are in an unprecedented time. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected most everyone on the planet, and each person handles it differently. For some it is an inconvenience, but for others it takes them to the edge with fear, anxiety, and major depression. This course has easy to understand lessons that will help you now.

Mental Survival Guide: Coping and Managing Stress during the COVID-19 Pandemic (and beyond)


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Mental Survival Guide COVID-19

Lost job? School closures? Relationship problems? Isolated? Feeling depressed? Anxious?

All of this can lead to severe stress. For over a decade, Todd Huston has been teaching stress management. These proven and easy to follow lessons have been modified for the COVID-19 pandemic.

This book will help you:

• Lower your stress

• Elevate your mood

• Enhance your relationships

• Find peace of mind 

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Life Not Going Your Way? 5 Reasons You Should Be Thankful

Life not going as you want it? That’s the perfect time to be thankful. How many times have you wished for a relationship or job, only to have circumstances not work the way you had hoped? Or maybe you’ve faced serious financial or health issues. Be thankful! It might sound crazy, but it’s not, because gratitude can create blessings in the face of challenges. It is impossible to know what your future would have looked like; those relationships or jobs could have been a train wreck or may have closed the door to even better relationships or opportunities. Let’s see why being thankful in all things helps you.

1. Better Relationships

Are you in a tough relationship that seems to be going nowhere? Be thankful! This is an opportunity to learn how to be more patient and kind, and give more unconditional love! By doing this, not only will you get a clearer picture of what is truly lying at the root of the problems, but you will grow immensely as an individual. You find positive solutions that lead to a better life, one which may or may not include your existing partner, but either way, you will find greater joy because you are a better person. Or maybe you are hoping for a special relationship with someone but it’s not happening. Be grateful for this too. The individual could be facing personal challenges that would create a very unhealthy and negative environment for you and could be keeping you from an amazing relationship with a different person. Therefore, be grateful for closed doors that help you learn and grow so you can be ready when the right door opens.

2. Better Health

Are you experiencing physical or psychological health problems, such as neck pain, low energy levels, or depression? Be thankful! This is a great opportunity for you to learn to take better care of yourself! Most first visits to primary care physicians are due to stress-related conditions, so change your life and watch the positive psychological and physical changes that take place. Furthermore, being thankful is proven to be good for your health. Studies show gratitude gives you a healthier heart, better sleep, boosts your immune system, puts you in a better mood, and increases your desire for physical activity. Amazing what something as simple as gratitude can do for your health!

3. Better Career and Business

Is your business or career suffering due to insufficient contacts, customers, or an unhappy office environment? Be thankful! Have an agenda that includes gratitude and kindness for every person you have contact with each day. People love to be around those who are kind and make them feel appreciated. Before finishing a conversation, share reasons you are thankful for meeting that individual. If it’s the first contact, thank them for a new insight, a refreshing conversation, the assistance they are offering, or possibly even a big sale. If you are dealing with a difficult work environment, go into your office each day grateful for the common mission you and your coworkers are partaking in that will make the world a better place. Look for signs of goodness and kindness, even if they are small, and be grateful for them. Gratitude is always appreciated and helps you approach each day with happiness and an expectation for good, creating an environment of abundance and joy.

4. Better Finances

Do you dread looking at your bank account, or the pile of bills accumulating on your counter? Be thankful! You can always find something to be grateful for: children, health, friends, a loving partner, water, air, the fact that you’re alive, or the few pennies you do have. Whatever it takes to be thankful, be thankful for something. Gratitude attracts situations you need in your life to help you progress in many ways, including finances. It will open your thought to life lessons you need to learn. For example, it’s possible you need to learn to live within your means, make wiser financial decisions, get more education or maybe eliminate bad habits, like drugs, alcohol, or gambling. You are not in your situation because there is a lack of money in the world. You are here because you think there is a lack of money in the world for you. Gratitude opens your experience to the possibilities!

5. More Love

Want to feel more love in all facets of life? Be thankful! Gratitude is an attribute of love, meaning when you approach life with gratitude, you will feel love in everything you do, no matter who it’s with or what the situation is. Being grateful for your psychological or physical health, career or business, finances or relationships brings more love and all its power to restore and heal any obstacle you are facing. Love is the most powerful force in the universe and you can activate it by one simple act of gratitude. Thankfulness costs you nothing, has an inexhaustible supply and is always available because it is found within you.

Be thankful in all things! In doing so you are calling on God, or Love, to help you see beyond your limited vision and repair all that is broken. It is what guides you to your individual greatness. So be thankful and watch your relationships, health, career, and finances flourish! Try it – you’ll see!

You Are The Artist of This World

Comedian Steve Martin tweeted that his friend Michael Crawford, a The New Yorker cartoonist, passed at age 70. The article in the New York Times Art and Design section was a brief history of Michael’s life and work.  What caught my attention was a quote by David Remnick, the editor of The New Yorker, who said, “You know artists from the look of their work, from a world they create, and a set of obsessions they have.”

We are all artists, sculpting and painting our way through life, creating a new future for ourselves each day.  As living pieces of art, we are each more beautiful than any other art known to man and deserve to flourish as true and loving expressions of ourselves.  The art is within each of us, which is why two people can view the same object or situation and have completely different experiences.

Unfortunately, we sometimes see ugliness in the form of war, poverty, murder, prejudice, abuse, and senseless violence.  However, as the artist of your world, you are by default the artist of this world. It is time to smash the old paradigm of hate and fear and use the broad strokes of love to erase the world’s pain. The world is our canvas, and we are responsible for what we create, be it a clean and healthy environment, and able supply of food and water, economic and political fairness, or freedom from violence and tyranny.

This world is not hopeless; it is just in the hands of bad artists. It is time to remove the brushes from the hands of those who create works of selfishness, power, and greed until they can use their talents for the good of others. Many of them began their journey wanting to paint a better world but got caught up in a fear-centered experience where the desire for money washed out the beauty they would otherwise create.

However, the artists seeming to control the canvas, along with the paint and brushes, are greatly outnumbered and out-powered by the artists painting with their minds and hearts.  It is past time for these humble and passionate ones to be too afraid to pick up their brushes for fear of failure or retaliation. We all have the inalienable right to create works expressing our inner beauty of love.  By expressing it within ourselves first, we empower ourselves to share it with the world.  Banding together as artists for humanity, we become stronger and more productive and watch as the canvas begins to display the masterpiece of love and peace.

How do you want your art to be known? Look around you, your creations are everywhere.  Do they reflect the greatness and love you have within you?  Do they bless others and encourage them to bring out the best within themselves?  Or do they reflect a set of selfish obsessions founded in your fears?

You are the artist, get busy painting a beautiful world for everyone to enjoy.

The Seeds of Greatness are Within You

Everyone of you has the seed of greatness within you. Everyone of you already has everything you need to go out and do the great things you were meant to do. Whatever that is, only you can do it.You are unique. You offer something incrediblly special to this world and only you are going to be able to bring it forward. It’s your responsibility to bring it out and be that person that you were meant to be.

The most powerful force that you will ever learn about is the power of love. I’m not talking about the love like for the person sitting next to you that you that you are feeling all oogly-googly about. I am talking about a love where you  really, really care about others, you care about the world, you care that everyone has peace,happiness and joy. and they live to their true potential. Each and every person must do it for themselves and then you will help bring it out in everyone. We all need each other to be able to do this.

When 1 % is Not Good Enough

I wish news pundits and others would stop quoting statistics in which they are either ignorant about the real numbers or they don’t understand the significance of the numbers they are quoting. For example, many in the media are saying that 99% of all police are good and only 1% of the police are “bad” cops. There are over 1.1 million police officers in the U.S. That would equate to over 10,000 “bad” police, those who could potentially harm the people that pay and depend on them for their protection, which is a number greater than the current US military force in Iraq.

If we had a 1% acceptance rate of commercial airlines not crashing, we would have over 1,000 airline crashes per day. That would hardly be acceptable and, even though we would be thankful for the convenience of air travel, no one would trust any plane they boarded.

Modern technology is changing everything. Camera phones and social media are now holding law enforcement accountable as they can no longer hide behind a badge. Those who make false claims against police are also being exposed… The truth is finally being told on both sides and hopefully, everyone will learn to protect and love one another so both law enforcement and citizens’ are kept safe and we no longer have the problems of the 1 percent.

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