The power and peace that come with forgiveness

The world is in desperate need of learning the power and peace that comes with forgiveness. It extinguishes the flames of hatred. It suffocates fear. It’s easy to point fingers toward those who need to practice this essential quality; however, the healing begins with ourselves.

Those who are unwilling to forgive only hurt themselves by staying in the illusion of separation. They are blind to the reality that separation is only possible in illusion. What God has joined together, which are all the hearts and minds of every living thing, because they come from Him, no man can separate. It’s a very simple principle, but one this world needs to learn, be it spouse, family, community, or world. Once learned, all power returns to the individual who learned forgiveness and everyone is healed.

How can you do this?

First, you must forgive yourself for actions you are not proud of from your past. Allow yourself to be free of them. They don’t define you at this moment.

Second, you must forgive others whom you feel have wronged you regardless of how trivial or monumental you perceive the offense to be. This must be done in regards to past and current relationships, friends, co-workers, world leaders, and especially those whom you perceive as your enemy. Carrying this burden around is as debilitating as not forgiving yourself.

Put these concepts into action in your life and you will start to see your world heal from one of sadness and anger to peace, joy, and true power.

Love All – Fear Nothing

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